Day 1209 – Joy

Love Joy Reid. So Bright and sharp and just adorable.

Sketch in my Stillman and Birn

First washes


Pink cheeks and some thalo blue under her chin and around the edges to soften.

Colors used quin burn orange thalo blue dioxzine purple quin coral quin gold burnt umber and ultramarine blue. And a big size 16 Cheap Joes Sable Legend

Drawn with my Lamy Safari off tv as she yakked.

Two more sketches for the class. These are both full sheets of watercolor paper 22×30″ 😳 big brushes are in order.

Margaret who still has to do laundry pack and bake cupcakes for book club tonite. 😱😱😱😱sometimes I overcommit a little.

Joy Reid #amjoy #joyreid diebenkorn #loosenup #ink #sketching #portrait #watercolor #stillmanandbirn #lamysafari #ink #msnbc

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