Day 1210 Whiskey Bar Sidewalk Cracks

Blue Footed Booby FOR SALE!!!9″x12″ 300# watercolor paper

This was drawn from a sidewalk crack down at the Whiskey Bar in Augusta. My friend Tom and I ate lunch there Saturday after dropping off my painting for Wet Paint Party.

This is the crack that inspired the blue footed Booby. I know the people thought I was crazy taking all those photos of the sidewalk. There are at least a dozen good cracks there.

Here’s how it evolved. I picked purple as my main color on my new favorite tool Bob Burridges color wheel. It gave me blue green and red yellow as my accent colors. Green yellow as the focal color. That made it easy to pick out my palette colors.

And this is what I got. In retrospect it might have been fun to paint the background blue green and the feet green yellow.

Stamps added.

And last night I thought if it’s been a day his eyes needed a little something something as my kids at school used to say or was that one of my teaching assistants??

So I made his eyes look a little weary using a Lamy ef aka very fine point to scratch fatigue lines around his eyes.

Get a Burridge color wheel and use it. You will love it. Makes life easier.

Margaret off to Charlotte xoxoxo

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