Day 1207 It’s Saturday

So many people so many drawings and paintings. Yeah my Sacred Heart painting sold last nite. You never know.

Ilania 19″x 24″ mixed media on Strathmore bristol

First forty minute break

Second break an hour and ten minutes or so. The purple is not that dark.

Finished well ya never know. For now. Lol.

finished first break Pastel by a guy that teaches portraits at Aiken Center for the Arts.

Jeremy Sutherland finished. If u need a portrait done. HIRE him. Always love his work.

first break. Alex’s born in 1975 and loves chocolate cake.

Alex at the end of class. Usually he’s long gone before I get a finished pic. Pastel

Al Beyer another huge oil

Thomas Needham on canson watercolor board. Lovely but not finished.

first break

Bill oil on sheet metal finished for the Day

Somebody new but what a great job oil on canvas

April oil on board

Katie Carr Padgett small watercolor in a moleskine watercolor sketchbook

Fred the wild man is back.

No idea who did the rest of these. Sketches were everywhere.


Margaret who has to get her sketches done for class next week. Finally have all my pictures printed. Xoxoxo

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