Day 1201 – Being Fearless and a bird or two.

Yesterday I pulled this out of the mailbox.

All I can say is RUN to his website and buy it. Not on Amazon though his videos can be rented there. Just jam packed with tips pointers and getting it done everyday. I also bought his color wheel and though I had almost filled by bird sketchbook I was waiting to get it to paint them. I was running out of ideas on colors. So I dialed some up and got theses two.

Blue was the main color green and red spice and yellow the focal color. Love the way they both look. Yes they still need stamps but I think they are zippy.

Just a page from Bobs book. Lots of how to too.

Don’t forget you can get his bobblasts here. Even if all you do is watercolor they are great. He calls himself a watercolor painter. After all acrylics are watercolor.

Two more of my fav pages so far. Only read about 1/3 ofnit yesterday because it’s jammed pack and I wanted to finish my socks.

Margaret who has a few errands to run in a bit so gotta sew up the toe of theses socks. Hate doing that. Xoxoxo

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