Day 1200 Wow and It’s Saturday

1200 days of trying to post everyday. Sometimes WordPress burps as I call it and I find a scheduled post that never posted. No idea why. But I have tried. And posted 1200 times since July three and a half years ago.

Andrea 19×24″ Strathmore Bristol. That yellow tablet you can sometimes find at Michaels. Finally had to get a replacement from Amazon since Michaels doesn’t have one lately. Sigh.

Thirty minutes. Base coat of quin coral and quin gold shadows of dioxzine purple and cerulean . Drawn with a 4b lead pencil.

Her head had been too small so I added more hair and moved the eye. Eeek. And the upper arm too short. I erased the line at the top. Came right off. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t.

Ten minutes later at first break. Added ultramarine blue and burnt umber.

Finished by second break. Added some quin sienna and verditer blue background. Also some white gouache highlights.

Twenty minute 4B lead sketch. Strathmore Bristol 12×24″ still has time so loved to an empty easel and drew this in the last twenty minutes session.

Jeremy Sutherland First break. Always love his Sketches. So gorgeous.

Jeremy at the end of class. Looks just like Andrea. Stonehenge conte crayon I think.

Andrew Murphys wonderful huge acrylic. 2 1/2×3′ no website but soon

Al Beyer even bigger large oil. 3×4′ no website either. 😞

Tom Needham’s small watercolor. Says he’s doing it again. Did not like the background wash. Glad to say he has a website.

Fred’s back. Missed his wild take on the model. 2×3′ acrylic

Alex who will erase this gorgeous pastel and reuse the canson paper next week.

Marilyn Hartley who currently has a great show at the Aiken Center for the Arts.

Coaches pastel this week. Love the colors. And the angle he gets sitting on the floor.

No idea who drew these but fun to see them in their variety.

Dawn acrylic 2×3′

And I think that’s a wrap folks. Some people got away before I got a chance to take a photo.

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