Day 606 – Sunday Fun!! 

  Been drawing with platinum carbon black ink and a bamboo stick. Really a lot of fun.  

I started going thru the pics to find something to draw. I mean why would I want to go outside on such a lovely day?! 

Watching Downton Reruns ff thru the begathon. I already send them $$ 
 Anyway I found a cute one of my granddaughter and drew it. I had a few too many black lines in her tiny face like the eyebrow. So I painted her w gouache. 

First gouache portrait ever. Not easy but at least she’s not black from her nose to her chin. 

The only way I could get a soft edge on the face shadow was to feather white over her dry cheeks. Totally different experience from watercolor or acrylic.  

Gouache brands used Winsor Newton and Horadam. Colors red yellow white blue and burnt sienna. 


My lab  Honey drawn with the Noodler Creaper and smudged with a wet finger. She’s a very long nosed lab. Not a block headed English lab like Isis on Downton. Touches of burnt sienna gouache for her eyes. 

This one was drawn with the stick too. Fun fun. I think her eyes are a little high but oh well.

Get a stick and try it. You might like it. 

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx