Day 582 – The Party is overĀ 

The Party is Over – Acrylic 30×40 painted with a huge brush. 3″. 

I thought it was a four inch brush but I picked up the wrong one. SCARY stuff. I have never painted a painting with that size brush aka HUGE!!!  

There’s about five hours in the painting at this point largely because I started over on a bigger canvas. 

Here the first go round is drawn with a 1/2 sable brush. It’s about 2′ x 3′ on hardboard. I did not want to pay for a frame SO I repainted it on canvas. 

Interestingly enough it was much easier to draw the second time. I guess I had already worked out the problems on the first try?! 

  Here she is blocked in. Well kinda sorta. I kept having to paint out lines to correct the drawing or it would have been too confusing by can still see some of them shining thru the white.  
Here’s a close up of the girl. 

Here’s version two as of yesterday. I added in some of the blue lines and tried to get her face where it belonged. Not easy with a huge brush and a terrible photo. I finally thru on the big brush for a smaller one. That half inch sable. 

Looking at it today I think perhaps the face is too defined. A well that’s why it’s a WIP. Should have brought it home to stare at for the weekend while knitting and tv watching however I didn’t. Oops!! 

Bytw if. U ever want to paint a large painting fast get out a house painting brush. Yes it can be done. Hmm I need a bigger palette though. What should I use?! 

Maybe a sheet of plexi?! We shall see because that huge brush is almost as big as my palette! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx