Day 598 – It’s Saturday 

Fun morning painting in Aiken. Our model was a no show but Ilania was there to draw so she kindly stood in for Alice the no show. 

Here she is blocked in after our first go round. I was really liking her at this point. Maybe I should have stopped then? 

I kept putting her belly button down past the third head hash mark which just threw everything off. 

Odd how that works. Finally at the ninth hour my nonmathy brain got it. It was above the third head hash mark. Duh!! 

Background has to be done but otherwise just a twitch here a twitch there. However too many and she just goes down the tube. 

Despite that considering these twitches!!😨 

Fix right breast. Too droopy!😔

Left eyebrow eyes too defined wrong angle 

Left hip. Curve starts at belly button 

Thin neck top to bottom on right

Shadow left of left breast

Dark blue line shadow under left hand.  
 Hopefully these will all be minor twitches. Nothing major.  

Funny story Ruth and I thought we were going to get the backside of her including the head but at the last second she turned around to face us. 

 Hurrah!! A pretty great  pose. 

Ilenia is such a gorgeous girl too bad I don’t do her justice.  

Colors used cobalt, nickel Azo gold white, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, cerulean.  And that’s it. 

Thanks for reading. Urban sketching coming up. Yeah!!