Day 603 – another Dr Sketchys 

 The Pirate Pose.  The last pose of the night. Thirty minutes I think and what great costumes.  

I used tombow markers and water colors for this painting when I did not have the correct tombow color. 

The Vamp

Is In the box now. I think this is a thirty minute sketch. I think. Interesting pose but proportions are off. 


The hmm third pose of the evening. I changed to my Noodler Creaper Ahab. I rather like this sketch. Bytw the guns were fake. 

First sketch of the evening. Five minute pose. Sometimes you have to warm up. Done with a Kuretake brush marker. Really like his feet.   

The second pose.  Another five minute pose. Kuretake brush marker. Not bad. I was doing get great with the guys shoes. Hmm?!! 

Colors used Tombow markers. Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 602 oops 


  Downtown at dr Sketchys and forgot to post.  

   Ten minute sketches tombow pens Noodler Creaper ahab Paltinum carbon black ink Aquabee super deluxe sketch book 

      Ten minute sketch

Thirty  minute sketch

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret downtown in Augusta