Day 591 – Saturday!!

Did u leave a comment for the drawing?  Only nine days. 

Ilenia was a bit of a pill today. If I could do it wrong I did. 


  Here’s the first block in. The head size was so big that I would have lost her foot so I started over.  

Round two. The legs fit on the board. 


Something about the legs was off. And her body. What the heck was up with that? I lowered her shoulders about an inch and that helped.  Who knew? But still those legs. 

What she looked like after and hour and a hoax. Legs still off. Sigh.     

 So I changed her a lot. I really like the bottom of this one better than how she looks now BUT I stopped too soon and had hash marks from the block I that I needed to cover. Maybe tomorrow I can get this effect back?

And here she is now. Thinking about changing the reddish background to this great bottle of golden acrylic a  grungy grey I have. Any way think I will sleep on it. Maybe I will stamp on it.  I think the backgrounds are the hardest part. 

Thanks for reading. 

I think I need a nap now!

Margaret xxx

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