Day 596 – La Cantina

 Sketching around Augusta pales in comparison with France but we do have a few quaint interesting places in the area.  One of these is La Cantina, a funky restaurant in Clarks Hill SC run by two artists full of their quirky art.

 If you look closely you will see there’s a carved wooden nude on the right supporting the “arch” over the bar which incidentally was still decorated with Christmas garlands in February. 

Why not?  I can get behind Christmas displays year round. 

Food. Usually awesome – it’s Tiger Woods favorite restaurant when he’s in town plying at the Augusta National 15 miles down the street from Clarks Hill. 

The sauces were delicious as was my second NY strip. First one was a little grisly but they replaced it cheerfully and that one was awesome. 

This odd assortment of plants, to go containers, and a lantern were in a corner directly behind us. Just one example of the strangely decorated nooks in La Cantina which makes it alot of fun for artists to sketch. 

  There’s also a large outside patio with a huge chimney style oven where the steaks sizzle merrily in the intense heat. Gives such a delicious crust to the meat. 

Furnishings are an odd eclectic blend of course d objects garage sale finds art objects and 1989s “chic”. When was the last time you saw a cheap Home Depot black plastic pot in a restaurant that sells good food?! As I said funky. I hear there are live shows but we never seem to catch one. Another reason to go back. 

Be sure to call for reservations of you decide to go!!  

Anyone want to fund a trip to France or Europe for me!  Free art if you do!😋

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Margaret xxx

Day 595 – Dad

Dad – 30x 40 Acrylic 
So one is done and time to start the next one. You have to draw with a paint brush. Not easy. Try it sometime. 

 I am drawing it from this photo I took of dad a couple of weeks ago. He’s 93!  

I couldn’t resist dumping it into Waterlogue. Kinda liking this. May have to paint it in watercolor too. 

  There’s also one of mom who’s a mere 90. This was taken four days after her birthday. Zoe was hiding from my parents mean schnauzers. 
Mom was supposed  to save her from them. Lol. 
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Margaret xxx

Day 594 – Is she done?!

The Party is  Over -30×40″ Acrylic 

I have been told to put my name on it. And some say it needs more tweaking. What do u think?! 


  I was told the roses were a little plain so I tweaked them some.  
Here’s how they look now.  Did I say I am NOT fond of painting roses?! They are such a problem but I like how these turned out. 

So am I done?! Don’t forget to leave a comment so you can be in the drawing on day 600. 

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Margaret xxx

Day 593 – Back to Rouen 

  Somehow I forgot to post this sketch I did of Rue Martainville from the square in front of St Maclou in Rouen.

 These half timber frame houses proliferated in the Rouenduring the medieval period.  More still remain here than anywhere else in France. The medieval Europeans thought they were more fireproof than timber houses. Hmm?!

 Notice how the bottom leans. Oh my!! 
 Rouen has them in great variety and shape, overhanging streets, leaning crazily. Often doors and windows are totally leaning a kilter on the front of the houses. Nothing is square though we were told they were inside. How is that possible. Je ne sais pas. I don’t know! But I have seen them with my own two eyes. Now you have too. 

   Lining an alley. 
 And how is it that these crazy wonky leaning buildings don’t fall down upon our heads. Once again. Je ne sais pas! C’est un miracle. 

Surrounding the market place. 

  Marching toward St. Mclou. 

And of course cheek to jowl with St Maclou. 
Rouen has street after street lined with these teetering ancient beauties like old women in spikes towering and tilting down the narrow cobbled lanes waiting to tumble down momentarily. 
Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx hot planning maps to make to fill in blanks in my French travel Journals. 

Day 582 – A little reworking

  Don’t forget to leave a comment for the 600 days drawing. Hmm is that a pun?!
I decided that all that green blue  I had painted on her was awful looking so I started painting.  

 That raccoon look was NOT good. Edges needed softening ALOT. 

I added a lot of burnt sienna for shadows and some nickel azo gold with pyrrole red and white for flesh tone. I also added a dark grey with sand in it to the background and then washed it with a thinned white. 

And softened edges. In case you don’t know. What that means it means that the edges are blurred aka softened like around her mouth and her eye. 

At the last minute I realized her tight shoulder was too high so I took about half an inch of the top and a bit off the side to round it some more. 

For the moment she’s done but you never know. Sometimes when you look at them you realize more work is required. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx who needs a nap. 

Day 591 – Saturday!!

Did u leave a comment for the drawing?  Only nine days. 

Ilenia was a bit of a pill today. If I could do it wrong I did. 


  Here’s the first block in. The head size was so big that I would have lost her foot so I started over.  

Round two. The legs fit on the board. 


Something about the legs was off. And her body. What the heck was up with that? I lowered her shoulders about an inch and that helped.  Who knew? But still those legs. 

What she looked like after and hour and a hoax. Legs still off. Sigh.     

 So I changed her a lot. I really like the bottom of this one better than how she looks now BUT I stopped too soon and had hash marks from the block I that I needed to cover. Maybe tomorrow I can get this effect back?

And here she is now. Thinking about changing the reddish background to this great bottle of golden acrylic a  grungy grey I have. Any way think I will sleep on it. Maybe I will stamp on it.  I think the backgrounds are the hardest part. 

Thanks for reading. 

I think I need a nap now!

Margaret xxx

Day 590 -Almost 600 Days 

Since I started posting everyday. 600 days is ALOT!! I think it’s time for a giveaway. Leave a comment and I will put you in a drawing for a watercolor. Just remember I have to be able to find you after the drawing!!  

I remember my mother telling me you can skip it when I was on vacation with my parents. I told her no I would have to start over. That was about 350 days ago. But here I am still plugging away. Some days better than others. 

The sketch. Watercolor on Strathmore 500 mixed media paper with a Noodler Konrad loaded with Platinum carbon black ink. 

  I don’t know what is with the two guys on the left. I think they were slouching in their chairs so odd angles or maybe I got off to a slow start?? Think I need to go back and paint the guy in the blue jackets right arm. Evidently I forgot to draw it. How’s that work!? I also had forgotten to draw his foot but I fixed that. Lol. Nothing like surreptitious drawing in the middle of a room crowded with artists and art lovers to get intimidated. 

  I warmed up by the time I got to the four ladies on the right. I just love them. They are just fun. The building in the background is a beautiful old 1800s building with wrought iron balconies. 

Colors used : Quin gold and sienna burnt umber Inathrodone dioxzine purple alizarin Quin red cerulean cobalt Quin burnt orange green apatite spring green. 
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Margaret xxx 


Day 589 – Art and Inspirations Meeting

And a little urban sketching/journaling  in downtown Augusta. I think this sketch got better as I worked my way from left to right.  

 Really love the front row ladies.👍🏻😃 Drawn with my Noodler Konrad loaded with Platinum Carbon Black ink in my Strathmore 500 mixed media journal.  Can’t wait to get it painted.  
The speakers were great. Cheryl Goldslegger, the Morris Eminent Scholar at Augusta University and the new art department chair Scott Thorpe – the Dynamic Duo outlining bright plans for the future of artists in Augusta and art students at Augusta University. 


Thier next event is LASER next Tuesday at 6 pm on campus. There will be a Q&A period. 


Ruth and I are going and getting our questions ready!! See you there!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx