Day 1136 Show at Wolf and Finch

the group show will have four of my mixed media pieces and about ten urban sketches aka watercolors. All the art in the show displayed will be $200 or less.

Wolf and Finch is at 859 Broad Street near the Commons are where the Food Vendors and two of the stages are during the arts in the heart Festival.

Thinking I need a tshirt that says I survived Irma. What do u think Augusta?! Mostly howling gusts with a monsoon of rain that lasted for ten hours or so. That Irma. What a capricious hurricane. Still over cast here so maybe we have. Of see. The tail end of her yet?! Ttyl devices charge. Dogs are hungry. Got to head home!!

Hugs Margaret xoxoxox ps these videos were taken from my backporches.

Of course the minute I noticed the trees going crazy the huge gusts would be gone by the Time I got to the window to take a video. Sigh.