Day 1151 – Honey girl

Went on a walk about this evening she was gone for HOURS. Bad dog won’t come

When you call. But she’s home safe and sound so now it’s bed time.

Stillman and Birn Lamy Safari Ted Nuttalls Transparent palette.

Night all xoxoxox margaret.

Day 1154 Its Saturday

Today was a struggle. New great model named Macy.

A new model is always problematic. I drew her three times before I started painting which meant I only had about an hour to draw and paint this. drawing 2. All I can say is eeekkk. Yuck!

Although everyone’s eyes are in the middle of the head it just never seems to work out so easily in practice.

Not much time to cover a 18″x20″ piece of paper. She will probably get some caran dache neocolor ii before she’s done.

Strathmore Bristol 6b lead raw sienna Quin rose for skin, burnt sienna and cerulean for shadows with some Quin rose and dioxazine purple, sepia and ultramarine for hair. Background any blue on the palette and Quin rose. White gouache on her left shoulder which I accidently painted w the blue background. OOPPS.

Jeremy’s lovely sketch. I don’t know how he does that but his drawings are perfection.

Drew Murphy 3’x4′ acrylic. Like me he started over. Love the variety of colors.

Bills oil One of these days I am going to tell him about eyes in the middle of the face from too to bottom-ALWAYS!

Coach Larry’s charcoal

Ilanias small oil. Great figure. Love the background.

Als large oil.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor -1/4 sheet

Fred’s large acrylic. These ALWAYS make me smile. I just enjoy looking at them in all their wonkiness.

Margaret due for a nap. Xoxoxo