Day 1127 Ilaina It’s Saturday

6B Lead watercolor. BIG 2″ brush goilsen fleece from Cheap Joes and one of their 16 legend Sable brushes.

The rusty red in the shadows is scarlet lake and raw sienna with a bit of sepia I think.

The sofa and the throw have raw sienna and cerulean. Hair sepia and ultramarine blue. A lot of dioxazine purple daubed here and there.

Second break. I thought she looked a little pale.

First break. Just the initial wash of flesh which is Quin rose and raw sienna.

Drew Murphy’s large acrylic 24×30″

Fred’s always makes me smile. A happy painting by a happy guy.

AC Daniel’s interesting choice of green on the flesh but I like it a lot.

Not sure whose this is.

Al Beyer’s huge oil. Always interested in that top arm. Somehow it looks off but it isn’t. Or it gives her the look of flying thru the air.

One of two of coach’s charcoals. Always does a nice job.

Dawn did a great job on this. Always curious how it looks like she’s flying because of the arm across the back of the sofa.

The pose made for all kinds of interesting angles.

Rachel Millers lovely small painting. Love those purples.

Tom Needham ditto what I said about Rachel.

This lady brings us the best snacks at break. Today it was pimento cheese sandwiches. Last week it was carrot cake and the week before THE best chicken salad ever. Oh and some amazing blueberry muffins. I need to work on remembering her name. She’s a sweetheart. And an amazing cook.

Jeremy’s lovely sketch done w a 9h pencil. He thought it was too loose. On yupo. Slick paper

Katie Padgett’s great pencil and chalk sketch.

And that’s a wrap folks. I know Alex escaped without a photo of his. And I am sure I missed some others.

But there it is. Done. Xoxox margaret