Day 307 Reportage?! Part 2

Love these new Isabey and Richeson squirrel mops that I got during my class with Fealing Lin. Not cheap but love the soft loose look of the paint you get with them. She paints all her landscapes with them.   
  Been busily painting the sketches I did during Pops under the Stars Saturday. This is Brad Means warming up the audience at Lady Antebellum Amphitheater in Evans Towne center. 

I sketched in the audience as they headed to get snack or a better seat.  There was a lot of movement. People standing and sitting down yakking with their friends. Sipping wine. Some people dressed to the nines. Others wore jeans and tees. I am sure there was some champagne in the crowds song with bud lite!


Gesture sketch of the orchestra warming up. The violinist was serious.  

Lee Anne enjoying the calm while Drew chased the perpetual motion machine Henry. 

Henry’s first concert. Every now and then he took off like a rocket with one of his parents racing to catch him. The child has a career as a future star sprinter. Get ready Decatur High School. 

Tomorrow more Pops Under the Stars. I only drew about 30 fast sketches and half an accordion book. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret XXX