Day 323 Dr Sketchys Part 1

Great nite!  Mickey Lay was a great model!  Always our favorite sketching activity. It’s worldwide so see if there’s one near you. 

  2 Minute pose Head is a little small Done w brush pen in a strathmore mixed media sketchbook. I have one just for Dr Sketchys. Thank goodness the drawing went better than the ones I did at Good Books. Perhaps those earlier drawings loosened me up?!

We started with several two minutes poses.  

 The poses were very interesting. He did a lot of muscle poses. Seemed to have trouble getting the whole body on the paper. 

Another two minute muscle pose

The first five minute pose. Hard to hold the spear up in the air for 5 minutes but Mickey did well. Hard pose to hold. 
Two five minute costume poses.  Finally managed to get his legs on the page.  Hallelujah. These were embellished with Pentel brush markers and Tombow markers. The Tombows cover a lot of area quickly and are fun to wet down with a water brush giving a watercolor effect. 

Thanks for reading. More dr Sketchys tomorrow!! 

Margaret xxx