Day 315 – Kirkwood Spring Fling


Random people at last weekend’s Spring Fling in Kirkwood in Atlanta at Bessie Branham Park,  a beautiful spot with lots of shade trees around for sitting under as well as an open green space where a band played. 

 I actually like this odd assortment of people. Originally there were more tents planned in the background but I didn’t paint them because dark large leaks from  from other pages in the book. The guy in the hat had green on his face from  the leaks.  😳 Got out the flesh gouache to fix him but it was not to successful. It was a dark green. Sigh.   No feet. Not sure why other than people were just whizzing by.  I couldn’t ask them to stop. Lol. 

Noodler creaper Ahab loaded with Carbon Platinum black ink in my Strathmore 500 mixed media. Really not happy with the way it’s leaking watercolor washes along the binding and ruining pages. 

This one was never finished. See the leaky clothes on the pages at the center? Nasty mess. 

More random people at the Spring Fling. No idea why not one of these people have feet either other than they were moving so fast. They walked off before I could add their feet.  Some of the people are compilations of several people walking by like the red head with the backpack in the middle. Drawing moving people is much easier to do with a brush pen. No drag on the surface like my Noodlers have when you draw with them.  

Really pleased with the greens I mixed in both of these. 

So here’s the tip for today. The dark greens in the trees are made by mixing burnt sienna and Inathridone blue pb60. I added Quin gold to the mix on the paper. Really like the color variations the mixture gave me. 

The green in the grass was made with manganese blue and aureolin yellow with touches of Quin gold. New Gamboge would be great too instead of the Quin gold. The flowers of alizarin and purple were added while the grass was wet as were the shadows under the bench. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 314 – More Grandkids Paintings



Love the background on this spread. Scroll down to see how it was started. This is a practice painting for the next one. I think she needs a neck or her heads too big. Or maybe her head just looks pasted on becaus it has no shadows around the baby’s  chin. I think that’s the problem.  What do you think?!

Pleased with the way Henry turned out on the right. 

Definitely more work required.  Liking the drips and splatters which I actually purposefully made. Stay tuned I will show u how but not tonite.  Too late posting.  Sorry. 

 TIP:  This is how I started the background in the first double spread.  A wash of several soft colors Quin red Quin gold yellow yellow ochre burnt sienna  cerulean and mineral Violet. 

Then u tone it down by painting more washes of a variety of colors over it which is how the background in the first one was done. Just don’t go dark with your washes.  You can do that later! 

 Here she is so far. More work required. No drips and no splatters yet. The soft pink skin is made from Quin coral and yellow ochre.  Hope the dress is not too dark. 

Decided to make this a journal page of our weekend together. 


Henry’s head reshaped from yesterday’s post.  Now I think he needs more back on his head but at least it’s not shaped like a football helmet. 

  I added some drips and some dark darks behind his head and under his arms to this one.

 Don’t know why I didn’t do any drips and splatters. Have a few paintings from spring fling that I did drip and splatter. Wondering if that is because  the kids paintings  are more important to me than the others? I think so.

 Do you find it freeing not to care if you mess up a painting? Sometimes the most fun happens with watercolor then. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret XXX