Day 313 – Painting my Coloring Book 

best thing about sketching is you end up with a grown up coloring book. 

Spent a few hours painting sketches I did this weekend. 

These are my favorite so far.  


Henry was so into Jake and the Neverland Pirates he hardly moved. These are stil quick sketches because you always think a child will move especially Henry. This is the only time he holds still when hes awake. 

Bytw he’s wearing his favorite monster Jammies a certain Gramy gave him for Christmas. 



Both of these have problems but one day it will be a nice memory of him. It’s easy to fix the one on the right. He has a little too much hair.  That’s saying something for Henry. He has a haystack of thick hair. I think the one on the right needs more hair. Interesting how these things show up in a camera but you don’t notice when you are painting or drawing the person. 

  Here he is with a better shaped head. The shape makes a difference. And I had to add a few drops. Love drips!  

TIP: Always check your picture in a camera to see where it needs improvement. This second one is going back to the drawing board.

Thanks for reading!!

Margaret XXX