Day 261 – Tom Cat

Is astray my son found in the wheel well of a boat trailer years ago. He was so small you could hold him on the palm of your hand and covered with flea dirt.  Now he’s a sleek with red orange fur that absolutely glows when he sits out in the sun on the back deck. 

I drew this while he was asking to go out the screen porch. He’s an in and out yowly cat. Yowling incessantly to go in and out. 

Day 300 – 300 Consecutive Days of Drawing and Posting

The Man from Shanghai.

Based on an old photo of Dads taken in pre WW2 Shanghai. Lots left to do. But I am pleased with him so far .

This is an old photograph from my dad’s Marine Corp album.  He and other Marines aboard the USS Henderson were evacuating Marines from China before WW2 because they knew the Japanese were coming.  The Marines guarded the embassies and consulates. Before returning to Honolulu the ship dropped the Marines off at the Phillipines never realizing that it too would shortly be overrun by the Japanese.


 Taking a class from Fealing Lin at Cheap Joes.  The sweetest lady and her paintings are beautiful. Fealing is a great teacher, very thorough, knowledgeable diligent and so talented!

The paintings are done with many layers of glazing. Glazing is sheer  transparent color that allows more layers of the same transparent color on it. She often does three to four layers of colors.

The Man from Shanghai

 Layer 1. This isn’t the best example of a first layer wash because I was in a hurry to finish and painted it out of order.  I should have started at the top and let it drip downward.  I didnt use enough water and I kept going back into the already laid down colors!! OPPPS!!!


Layer 1 -This layer is all wet in wet very watery glazes allowed to run down the board and drip. 


Layer 2- Hard edge on her right cheek and right forehead is a NO NO…another oops!


Layer 3


This is after layer three but the hair should have been included in layer 3.   Still trying to keep the edges and colors loose. Oh so difficult…at least for me!!

Thanks for reading!!

Maggie XX