Day 305 – a Review of the Weeks Paintings 

As no doubt you have noticed we all loved out week with Fealing Lin at Cheap Joes in Boone NC last week. If it weren’t for Mother’s Day I think we would still be there painting. A great teacher and the set up at Cheap Joes is just awesome.  Everybody has their own table. A huge flat screen tv to watch teacher demos. Awesome lunches. What more can I say.  Take a class at Cheap Joes( and or a class from Fealing (  

Most still need a few more touches but will set them out and stare at them first. Then they are FOR SALE!!


Man from Shanghai or Opium smoker. 15×22 cold press 300#  Stephen Quiller 

The debate still rages over what exactly is in his pipe.  


15×22 cold press 140#  Fabriano 

He recieved several proposals from mothers of single daughters!! 

Kenyatta 15×11 cold press 300#  Stephen Quiller 

Hair needs more curls and that brown spot on the left has got to go. 

Fisherman from Falmouth 

15×11 cold press 300#  Stephen Quiller 
From an old photo from around 1900 aka out of copyright

TIP: Did you know that all government photos are copyright free. The Library of Congress has a wealth of old black and white photos COPYRIGHT free at 


15×22 cold press 300#  Stephen Quiller 

I am I love with painting old wrinkly weathered guys with beards and mustaches. 

Thanks for reading!!

Margaret XXX