Day 313 – Painting my Coloring Book 

best thing about sketching is you end up with a grown up coloring book. 

Spent a few hours painting sketches I did this weekend. 

These are my favorite so far.  


Henry was so into Jake and the Neverland Pirates he hardly moved. These are stil quick sketches because you always think a child will move especially Henry. This is the only time he holds still when hes awake. 

Bytw he’s wearing his favorite monster Jammies a certain Gramy gave him for Christmas. 



Both of these have problems but one day it will be a nice memory of him. It’s easy to fix the one on the right. He has a little too much hair.  That’s saying something for Henry. He has a haystack of thick hair. I think the one on the right needs more hair. Interesting how these things show up in a camera but you don’t notice when you are painting or drawing the person. 

  Here he is with a better shaped head. The shape makes a difference. And I had to add a few drops. Love drips!  

TIP: Always check your picture in a camera to see where it needs improvement. This second one is going back to the drawing board.

Thanks for reading!!

Margaret XXX

5 thoughts on “Day 313 – Painting my Coloring Book 

  1. Rebecca says:

    You are so right about the camera’s ability to show you what you’ve done…Recently Braelik Fine Art and I had a short discussion on this too. If you’re interested, it’s at . I think it’s a very useful tool, just as long as you catch the picture soon enough to make corrections! Your sketches are lovely anyway, and isn’t the point of art that it shows your interpretation of what’s before you, not the actuality? (uh-oh, philosophy alert!).


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