Day 317 – Grace and Frankie

 Summertime or Tea Time or Julia. What do you think I should call her?! 


300# Fabriano 

The wonderful costumes on the show Frankie and Grace which I have been binge watching on Netflixs   made me want to do a girl in a hat. 
 I don’t know if you remember but I did a lot of girls in hats back at Easter. I love hats. I just done like the way I look in them. Anybody else line that!? 

Now that summer’s approaching its hat time again!  And of course a glass of iced tea with mint is required.  

Here she is penciled in with a 2HB mechanical pencil and the initial background wash done.  Very light washes of several colors all painted while the others were still wet so there are no blooms. 

  This is after. Added the first cerulean shadows to the dress and Quin coral and aureolin for the skin tones.  
Here she is later. Colors added. Alizarin cobalt Burnt Sienna Inathridone and burnt umber Quin burnt sienna Quin gold. You really don’t need a lot of colors to paint a picture. 


My favorite part of the painting though the hair is giving the skirt stuff competition. A lot of the colors were applied wet on wet. Others were added as blobs or dry brushed.  A lot of fun to paint. 

Still lots to do!

Thanks for reading!  Go draw a girl in a hat! 

Margaret XXX


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