Down on River Walk

I always like this fountain that sparkles in the sun. I put off painting it because I knew it would be a pain and it was. I quit. Should have left it in ink. Too many tiny details. Sepia Pitt pen fine stillman and birn Zeta From the safety of my car.

I did finish a pair of socks today. What else have I done this week. Three paintings. Sold two. Hurrah. Stacciatella THE best soup ever. Sooo good. And I have made lots of soup.

Thought about quilting this.

Bakes cookies snickerdoodles and easy no knead bread twice.

Goodnite. Stay safe!

Margaret staying home. Xoxoxo

What I did today

Drawing the impeachment hearings.

My friend Ruth britpeach on Instagram and I draw the talking heads and txt each other about the hearings and our drawings. Actually a lot of fun. I put up my Lamy after this one because the ink kept smearing.

No idea why. And I didn’t feel like dealing with it. Maybe because it was my Lamy joy the calligraphy pen and I didn’t wait to let it dry enough?!

And everyone needs a Jack Russel in their lap when they draw don’t you think?? She did take a break and sit in the sun for a little while then she was back.

Drawn in a stillman and birn alpha, my favorite stillman and birn, with watercolor pencils no ink no pencil to start on most of them.

Friday I will have to take pics to explain how I do this but similar to oil painting where u start with shadows using a burnt sienna watercolor pencil and slowly firm up the drawing.

Margaret whose tired. There are SIX more of the these, three bad ink sketches and two partially finished ones. I can finish those Friday. Xoxoxox

Day 183 Sweetwater Fly Fishing Camp page 

The title page is done. Not to sure about that rainbow trout but that seems par for every page I am doing lately. Lol. 

Earlier this week. How many more pages to paint?! Two or three. 

I don’t know if I said but this is a copy of a sketch I did for their guest book. Only that one is just in black and white. 

Bytw the water was painted with my #2 Isabey mop. Drawing with my Lamy Safari on Kilimanjaro cold press #140 paper.  

Back to sneezing. 

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 1073 Its Saturday

Sweet Emily! 18×24″ What happens when you use a two inch flat brush on Bristol!! 

Charles reid watercolor hand held palette which put my hand to sleep. #allaprima #nude #lifemodel #watercolor #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #pencil #pencildrawing #lostedges #emily 

1″&2″ Cheap Joes Golden Fleece Flat brush and #10 Da Vinci and that’s it. 

Tip: curling thinner paper. To get it to lie flat, paint it w water on the back and it will flatten out. 

First break 40 min. 

Painted on strathmore Bristol 100# which is like hot press paper but cheaper. 

Wash of DS Quin coral and yellow ochre w some cerulean and burnt sienna. Background, hair, drapes  burnt umber ultramarine 

Drapes Aurelion, Winsor Yellow, Quin Gold w burnt umber ultramarine darks

4B and 6B pencils 

The crowd was thin today. So not many paintings. A lot of people on vacation but I do love to paint Emily!! 

Drew Murphys acrylic. The quips were flying between us. One of the things we paint for.  I told him his was a little grey this time. Usually they are bright and vivid.  

Fred the dentist. Oops he left early. 

Als lovely huge oil. Amazing what he gets done in two hours.  This is four by 3 FEET

Rachel who’s only been painting anyear or so but she draws at every meeting. Drawing practice gets the job done!  You WILL improve. Like anything else you want to do well you have to practice. ALOT!!!

Margaret who has a dog and a mill to paint. Oh and a couple of cars and some rubber duckies. Thanks for stopping by.  Xoxoxoxo 

Day 1069 Mary Alice Munroe

Went to a great book talk at AB Browns today by Mary Alice Monroe for her newest book in her Beach House series the quintessential summer beach book based on Isle of Palms near Charleston. 

Though I have read some of the books with the turtles in them has no idea they are really to educate us about her latest passion. I tend to read the story for the story not to find hidden meanings. 

That said I always enjoy them. 

The latest book is about pelican rescue her latest passion. The raptor center even named a pelican that she rescued after her Mary Ann so I decided to draw Mary Ann to fill up the page. 

The notes are just things that she said about her passions pelicans shorebirds. 

She’s also an excellent palmetto bug stomper. One was running around the room the talk was held in. It’s a skill u acquire when you got to SC Low country beaches. I won’t tell you how I know. 

The lunch was excellent. HEirloom tomato soup.  

Shrimp and grits and a peach cheese cake for desert. 

Ttyl. Off to Atlanta!  Thanks for stopping by!! Margaret xoxoxoxo

Day 1067 Its Saturday 

Andrea was our model today. This is largish 18×24 largely painted alla prima which means first strike. I came prepared to draw and paint  in a smaller sketchbook a 10×18 Superaquabee. 

I liked the pose so much decided to go bigger. So first break I ran around getting larger paper together. George Dawnay gave me a piece of 90# Bristol paper to start over on.  Thank goodness. 

All I had were my waterbrushes which would NOT begin to cover that big piece of paper. Robert kindly loaned me his wonderful winsor Newton Series 7 brushes.  They are now on my I need list!!

It was like painting on a thinner piece of hot press paper. 

Al actually said it looked like a watercolor should. Be still my heart. 

This was after the second break. I only painted on this about an hour. It needs more work on the background or not. We shall see. 

The pencil sketch went much faster the second time around. 

I washed her with cad yellow and cad red mixed. Then I used mostly Quin magenta and inathrodone blue on her for the shadows. A bit of Quin coral for cheeks. Hair Quin sienna Quin burnt sienna and inathrodone blue. 

This was the smaller version I did in my  10×18 Superaquabee which loves watercolor. I never quite finished this one. 

George Delaunays exquisite pastel. LOVE the feet. He’s a very energetic sketcher. Stepping back and forth to and from the easel as he works. 

Drew Murphys large acrylic. He’s also energetic but in his use of brush sticks.  Always like his work. 

Al Beyer. A huge painting. Love the fabric drape. Always lovely paintings. 

Iliana’s lovely oil. Rather Gauginish I think.  

Tom Needham’s elegant watercolor done in washes. 

Fred still emulating Mondigliani!! 

Day 1033 Those darned teapots! 

In every class you take there is usually very useful  fact that sticks out that you learn. 

  • I have learned that rubbing alcohol dissolves and removes acrylic paint even when it dries. 
  • I learned about Mr Clean erasers in my first Charles Reid class in Atlanta and have been using them ever since. 
  • In John Salimens class I learned about masking taping your painting when you use a Mr Clean on your painting.  That way you can hone in on an exact spot. 

For some reason when I drew the above painting I decided it would be a great idea to put the teapot behind the leaf. DUHHHH! 

I absolutely loathed it when I was done. As no doubt you know that might mean the painting was ruined. So yesterday I decided to lift it with a Mr Clean and masking tape. It couldn’t hurt it. 

Here is the top of the teapot taped off and the star on top of it.  

And here it’s all erased in one swipe and a blot with a Kleenex. 

I had to do the spout twice.  Once to remove the leaf over it. And once to correct my not so great painting of the inside of the spout. 

This is the tape job before I lifted the color off the spout. 

And here’s the spout after I swiped  with the Mr Clean. Be sure to use clean water and a clean sponge. 

Here’s the spout and the top repainted after lifting with the Mr Clean. 

And here’s the painting now. I also went back in and added some carmine to the lilies in the left. They were too purple. 
And I tried to soften their edges. Those darn Lilies are asuch a pain. Always sticking out. 

Ttyl time to paint. Margaret whose thinking of giving the droopy flowers one more go round. 

Day 1027 Pistol Pete 

Such fun to paint this. 

Pistol Pete (22×15″) aka Frank Eaton was a fascinating western character who became the Oklahoma State mascot where most of my dads extended  family went to school. 

Painted on Fabriano 300# cold press 

Frank was a Marshall, sheriff and gunslinger who was faster on the draw than Buffalo Bill Cody. He was also a story teller participating in the Oklahoma land rush where he arrested the outlaws who would hide in the Indian lands and dragged them back to Fort Smith Arkansas to face the judge and often hang when it was Indian territory and probably the original person the movie True Grit was based on. 

These are Charles Reid’s paintings of Frank Eaton.  

When there is no model available he paints from old copyright free photos. 

Margaret sneezy and worn out from driving all over NC TN and SC. so much unpacking to do but think I will sofa hug today. Xoxoxo

Day 938 Sometimes it doesn’t turn out like u expected  

so it’s good to have a fall back. 

I have darkened this one down quite a bit. Trying to get the lights to glow.  Still not there. Better than it was. 

Here it was earlier. I drew this last week in downtown. It’s where AC and I ate late lunch. 

Remember this?! Like this one better. Maybe I need to write all over it.  Lol. Still have one more sketch from or Sunday unpainted. 

Off to our first meetup of urbansketchers of Augusta. Hope to see you at the Earthfare meeting room at 1. 


Margaret xoxoxo whose having a way too busy weekend. 

Day 924 Gesture sketches 

A gesture sketch is done looking at a person usually but I got annoyed with the way mine are going and decided to draw the dogs with gestures. 

I think I drew these Tuesday and they were great practice for Dr Sketchys. Here are the rest of them. I really want to draw dancers this way. 

Esmeralda is the top left. Quasimodo, Frollo, and Esmeralda bottom right and left. 

These were all drawn while I was watching Notre Dame de Paris on YouTube. A lot of dramatic gestures good for drawing.  

So how do you draw a gesture sketch!? I used a brush pen on these. No drag! It lets you draw quickly. Gesture sketches are quick – a few lines to capture the gesture. 

Why practice gesture sketches so you can mail sketches at Dr Sketchys or when you are out and about drawing people on the go. It really does help. 
Here’s a pile of them. 

 The first one I did. Eekkk.

Dancers well NO. But they were suppose to be. 

More dancers. Not the greatest but better. 

And a few more dancers. I like these better today than when I drew them.  The feet kept disappearing when I froze tyhe video to draw the dancers or they zipped off into artistic shadows. Visually great to look at but makes drawing HARD!!  

Go try it. A lot of fun. 

Margaret already in her flannel jammies for this cold winter weather. Well cold by Georgia standards.  52!! 😱