Day 1033 Those darned teapots! 

In every class you take there is usually very useful  fact that sticks out that you learn. 

  • I have learned that rubbing alcohol dissolves and removes acrylic paint even when it dries. 
  • I learned about Mr Clean erasers in my first Charles Reid class in Atlanta and have been using them ever since. 
  • In John Salimens class I learned about masking taping your painting when you use a Mr Clean on your painting.  That way you can hone in on an exact spot. 

For some reason when I drew the above painting I decided it would be a great idea to put the teapot behind the leaf. DUHHHH! 

I absolutely loathed it when I was done. As no doubt you know that might mean the painting was ruined. So yesterday I decided to lift it with a Mr Clean and masking tape. It couldn’t hurt it. 

Here is the top of the teapot taped off and the star on top of it.  

And here it’s all erased in one swipe and a blot with a Kleenex. 

I had to do the spout twice.  Once to remove the leaf over it. And once to correct my not so great painting of the inside of the spout. 

This is the tape job before I lifted the color off the spout. 

And here’s the spout after I swiped  with the Mr Clean. Be sure to use clean water and a clean sponge. 

Here’s the spout and the top repainted after lifting with the Mr Clean. 

And here’s the painting now. I also went back in and added some carmine to the lilies in the left. They were too purple. 
And I tried to soften their edges. Those darn Lilies are asuch a pain. Always sticking out. 

Ttyl time to paint. Margaret whose thinking of giving the droopy flowers one more go round. 

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