Day 1038 Drawing for days now. 

Finally getting the big painting of this ready.  

As Charles Reid says “There are just some days I can’t draw.” And apparently this painting involved that for me. 

The new painting has involved a lot tweaking. Harley is one big horse and he’s not in this painting. He’s too small. 

I took a comparison pic of Raisin and Harley when I was in Bristol to see just how big he was. His head is about three times as long as Raisins plus his ears. In the first painting he was a little small. I think his head needed to be twice as big. 😳

I had already started drawing her on a whole sheet  of watercolor last summer but there was no way I could stuff Harley onto that sheet of paper. Oops! I had ripped five previous inches off. Double oops. 

So I traced her to transfer her to an elephant sheet(30×40″)  of arches cold press. And drew one eye to low. Eeekkk. I couldn’t even trace!

I drew him and 

Worked on him. Eyes too big. And her hands too small. 

And tweaked him. Too narrow in this one. And what’s with that eye. 

And I shaded it. And he’s too sleepy. 

I drew more and I searched my fifty or so photos of Harley 

and I cropped it

 and lightroomed it for better contrast. 

and printed out more of him. 

And drew some more. 


And this is Harley now. Time to transfer them to the elephant sheet I hope. Unless I walk by them on my circuit thru the house and think NO that’s not right. Sigh. 

But there’s plenty of room for a bigger Harley now!! 

Ttyl Margaret who needs a nap before she transfers this and paints. Xoxoxo😳🤗