Day 1027 Pistol Pete 

Such fun to paint this. 

Pistol Pete (22×15″) aka Frank Eaton was a fascinating western character who became the Oklahoma State mascot where most of my dads extended  family went to school. 

Painted on Fabriano 300# cold press 

Frank was a Marshall, sheriff and gunslinger who was faster on the draw than Buffalo Bill Cody. He was also a story teller participating in the Oklahoma land rush where he arrested the outlaws who would hide in the Indian lands and dragged them back to Fort Smith Arkansas to face the judge and often hang when it was Indian territory and probably the original person the movie True Grit was based on. 

These are Charles Reid’s paintings of Frank Eaton.  

When there is no model available he paints from old copyright free photos. 

Margaret sneezy and worn out from driving all over NC TN and SC. so much unpacking to do but think I will sofa hug today. Xoxoxo