Day 1039 – Procrastinating w the Chuck and Judy show!!

Judy Reid 

Hard to believe it’s already been two weeks since I was with Charles and Judy Reid in Boone. Of course that means the time til the next class with them is shorter. Lol. 

Judy told us Charles’ bio and of course I had to illustrate it. I thought you might like to read it. Also additions by Charles who made  small comments and corrections  through out the her story. 

Why Chuck and Judy. HEs never called Chuck. He’s always Charles. But they acquired the nickname over the years because of their close symbiotic relationship of running a class over their 60 plus years of marriage. 

She runs the practical side with the efficiency of the retired kindergarten teacher she once was. He runs the creative side and ongoing discussions between them settle all the details. 

The quote is Judy’s about his new Mast General baseball hat. He always wears one to shade his eyes from overhead lights or the sun. 

This is Christine and Brenda. I think I have sketched them more than anyone except Rebecca. They usually stand nearby the teacher so they can see. This is my fourth class with them I think. 

Margaret whose going to paint some in her coloring book sketchbook before she gets busy on the big horse painting. Xoxoxo