Day 1013 – mixedmedia and Charles Reid time!!!

Hurrah I am in Boone in class but in the meantime more mixed media fun. Assignment was to make a medusa. Suppose to write in her hair I mean snakes. Not done that yet but will update when I do. She is TOO much fun and I really don’t want to write in her hair. 

Super creepy. Black masking tape base with pages from an old book glued on it. I forgot to take a picture of the base. Sorry.  

She really is creepy to look at to long from a distance and I have to do that to adjust her. 

I added red and highlights to her eyes. And some colors on the snakes. 

I found out all that white was not supposed to be on her.  Did the base wrong. It was supposed to be all dark. OOPPS!!

Ttyl Margaret watching Charles Reid paint. Hurrah!! Xoxox