Day 1021 Fealing Lin

Fealing Lin is the next teacher at Cheap Joes. She’s so adorable and such a terrific teacher. We would have been in her class except she was booked back to back with Charles Reid first. 

Watching the demo on the big tv at Cheap Joes during class. 

This morning there was a little knock on our door about 7:20 am.  It was Fealing. She asked us to come by and see her so we did!! What a treat!! 

She started her painting while we were there. This is the initial washes. She had already drawn the painting before class. 

Her palette. Her two favorite colors are Cheap Joes American Journey Hot Mama and Andrews Turquoise. 


Her paint brushes. I have the same paintbrush folder and have been trying to keep it clean. Scratching that off my list. 

A few of her portraits. 

Always liked this old guy. 

A lot of great ladies. 

This is from an old photo. 

Love her great old men. 

What a smile. Beautiful portrait. 

Margaret off to dinner with Fealing Lin and Cheap Joes.  Xoxoxo