Day 1037 AlexPowers 

I don’t usually review books BUT this is a great book for anyone wanting to do figure drawing and painting. 

Comprehensive as only older art books are. He covers every aspect. I think newer books are shorter to cut down on costs. You can own this book for about $5. 

So what do I like about this book besides its comprehensiveness?! 

Well I love his art. It’s sketchy but visually exciting with slurpy runs and drips and smears of gorgeous color. Some Of my favorite things about watercolor and art. 

I discovered him when I was at Cityart during the Vista gallery open house last month. 

His art is like huge pages ripped from Sketchbooks or figure drawing sessions and combined on big sheets of paper complete with notes. 

And how did he draw these in motion sports sketches?! Well now I know. He video tapes and paints from the video. A who knew moment for me.  

His first 25 pages covers everything about drawing the head. 

In great detail 

With great illustrations. 

How to draw the figure. 

Designing the picture. 

Hmm you mean you dont just take great photos?! 

There’s more to it than that? Yes there is and he explains it. 

And a great section on that hardest of topics- edges lost and found. 

It keeps your art from looking pasted in. 

Look at the dynamic movement he gets. And he uses a spray bottle. What an idea! 

And coloring book syndrome. Never heard of it in this sense but what a great painting.  

And lots of practical art business advice from an artist whose been supporting himself with his ar since 1979. 

So run over to Amazon and order this amazing book. 

Margaret xoxoxo whose looking forward to dr Sketchys tonite. 🤗