Day 1028 More Flowers 

My best of the three attempts I made painting this bouquet. I thought painting white flowers was hard till I did this one. Those yellow flowers were a pain. 

Funny story. When I showed it to Joe Miller aka Cheap Joe he quipped if I asked Charles Reid to sign it I would have TWO charles Reid flower paintings.

 So I did. Darn he didn’t do it. 🤗He did laff when I told him Joe told me to do it. 

I do have this very tiny Charles Reid sketch in my class notes where he explained to me how he would paint the yellow flowers. 

Unpacking almost done. Now I have to go to the grocery store for something healthy to eat. All I have in the house is a couple of apples and I want to paint them BEFORE i eat them. 

And I want to paint this great Mother’s Day bouquet before it does so off I go. 

I did collage the cover of my notebooks from Charles and Peggi Habets class. It’s a Strathmore Mixed Media 500 sketchbook which has such a dull brown cover. 

Ttyl xoxox Margaret glad she’s more unpacked than packed.