Day 2019 Urban Sketching in Boone 

Well if sketching in the Wild Craft Eatery counts. Painted my sketch last night. I should have eaten my leftovers. Our third visit there and I still have some of the most amazing ravioli with tomato Gouda sauce and shiitake mushrooms leftover plus some of their delicious garden salad with pickled green beans, pumpkin seeds and cilantro lime dressing in the minifridge. 

But I decided to paint instead of eat. Been eating TOO MUCH even if the food in Boone is delicious. 

Should have taken more photos but was tired from hiking all over Valle Crucis. 

The original sketch. Off to Charlotte to the Raptor Center for a six year old birthday party for my niece Potter. 

She’s six today. Should be fun!!! HAppy Birthday Potter. 

Margaret off to shower. What it might be snowing?! Xoxoxo