Day 1043 – Chuck and Judy 3 or is it Brenda and Judy?!

I don’t know about you but I can’t take enough classes with Charles and Judy Reid. I highly recommend them. 

Did I say I own all of his books but one and several videos?!!

Brenda and Christine Again! – Charles Reid class 

And evidently I can’t draw Brenda the Blonde- enough either.  

The third time in Charles class. 

Brenda and Rebecca – Peggy Habets class

. I have drawn her at least FIVE times because she stands and watches the teacher paint and she’s handy to draw. Some turnout better than others. 

Oops  way too dark. 

I usually draw her pretty well but sometimes thempainting goes astray like in this one. Too dark. 

But the sketch was great.  

One more Brenda in Ted Nuttalls class May 2016. 

Christine in Ted Nuttalls class May 2016. 

Margaret whose going to paint raisin and Harley if I can quit watching the Keepers   today on Netflix’s. Riveting show. Highly recommend.