Day 1034 Best one yet

This is number ten flower painting. And all my friends think it’s the best one. I agree. I softened all the right edges and lost some. I let it drip and run and mingle the color like watercolor does so well. I got the essence of flowers without the exact flower being painted. 
 I think it’s actually due to the change in paper. I used up the last of my old Fabriano block so I dug out a pack of fluid 140# cold press which is what Charles Reid recommends. 

It seems to have a slidy effect due to the sizing when you add water to the color. This was painted by adding full strength watercolor on a dry #10 da Vinci brush then adding water. It uses a lot of paint but well worth it for the effect. 

Of course the slidy effect could have been due to the fact that I had painted this at almost a vertical angle. 

So I googled it to read reviews of it. North Light said 

“Work wonders in watercolor with Fluid watercolor paper!

Fluid Watercolor Paper is crafted in a European mill (Schut) which produced its first paper stock in 1618. Mill masters craft small batches at slow speeds allowing for finer control of quality. This slow approach produces a sheet of great strength that shares much of the working integrity of more expensive mold-made papers.”

And Roz Stendhal who is diligent in her art material reviews uses it all the time. She said it’s 100% cotton hand made artist grade paper. The blocks are much cheaper than arches and you frequently can find a deal on it. Right now Cheap Joes is offering it with a free sample pack of 20 8×10 sheets with the purchase of three packs. 

However she’s not so fond of the hot press. Has a slight pattern when it dries. 

I will say I found it annoying when the paint slid off these fruit to make dark shadows under them but today I quite like the effect. 

Time to go fruit and flower shopping. I ate the apple and the orange yesterday and the flowers well they are looking raggedy! 

Next up trying the ferrier on this fluid paper. If it’s good enough for Charles Reid and Roz it’s good enough for me. Hmm evidently their paper was in the republished Audubon catalog in 1972. 

Ps Cheap Joes is offering a good deal on Fluid  paper. A 20 sample pack free when you buy three Fluid products. I do love JOe and his company. Great humanitarians spreading the joy of art! 

Colors used Winsor yellow, ds carmine, cobalt violet, mineral violet, oxide of chromium, viridian?, cerulean, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cad orange, cad red light or scarlet lake. 

Ttyl Margaret getting ready for brunch and a lazy rainy Sunday. As Oprah says no demands on a rainy day! Xoxoxo