Day 1032 That bouquet

Thought I would change up the title! Lol. 

The bouquet is definitely on the wane. 

Finally one that I am pleased with everything. Well almost. Only took  five years of practice, three classes of fifteen days and we won’t discuss the $$ spent on classes and art supplies! A valuable painting.   

Filling up the page like Bonnard would do. 

The ubiquitous tea pot is gone. It was too big and too fat. Give me a nice juicy navel orange any day. I spent a lot of time rearranging the fruit. They were all lined up either vertically or horizontally every time I drew them. And they started out way too big. 

In the sketch you can see the fruit is different than the final painting. 

Bytw of u haven’t got the audible ap get it and download some great books to listen to while you paint. I listened to War Brides a thrilling world war 2 story set in England. Full of spies Nazis bombings and of course a love story or two and war time marriages. 

Paper Fabriano 140# 18×22. An odd sized old block that I have had for three years since my first Charles Reid class in Atlanta. Should have saved one of my first paintings I did with him. This one is a big improvement.  

Colors used.  The splatter was the soup in the plate under my water bucket from painting all day. Perfect grey.  

Colors used Winsor yellow, ds carmine, cobalt violet, mineral violet, oxide of chromium, viridian?, cerulean, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, cad orange, cad red light or scarlet lake, sap green.

Ttyl Margaret xoxox