Day 1025 Its Saturday 

But I am not home. Still on the road in Sapphire Valley. The painting of Andrea and Harley the Freisian will have to wait til I get home to finish but I am really tickled with it so far. 

Paper Arches 300 paint mostly Holbein and Daniel Smith. 

She took 2-3 hours to draw. Thought she would never show up. The horse was comparatively a piece of cake.  Initial wash of flesh-Carmine and yellow ochre. Burnt sienna and cerulean shadows. 

I decided she needed some more pink on her cheeks and added some carmine. The shadows of ultramarine blue and the flesh color are looking SCARY. 

The red hair helps but still a little scary. Carmine cad orange pyrrole mineral violet and burnt sienna. A few ultramarine shadows. 

Her top is mineral violet alizarin and ultramarine blue. I let it dry and brushed some washed out cerulean to knock back whites.  

Harley painted with ultramarine blue and burnt umber. Pants ultramarine blue , cerulean and mineral violet. 

I just slapped ultramarine blue and burnt umber on Harley with bits of mineral violet to get that splotchy look on his face. Mane is same colors just not as heavy and a bit of cerulean near the ears.  

Bridle Quin gold, Quin burnt Orange and burnt sienna. The gems cerulean and cobalt violet. The last two colors were also used for the shading on her foot plus burnt sienna. 

I also added some masking fluid to save the water drips. 

Added oxide of chromium to make water reflections on his side and used cerulean ultramarine blue plus burnt umber slapping them on to cover his chest and sides. 

Really liking this painting but going to have to wait til I get home to finish them. 

Margaret hanging out with my grandkids. Xoxoxoxo