Day 2097 Sword brush fun

The picture doesn’t do this bird justice. She just glowed on her white paper in the sunlight on the dash of my car as she rode off to the mailbox.

That’s the sword brush from Rosemary’s Brushes at the top of the photo.

There is no way you can make a tight painting with a sword brush but it does some great line work that is slightly out of control. The feet show some of the line work it can do.

The lines in her hair and her straps were done with the sword brush too. It’s fun to draw with because you can’t control it well.

Cheap Joes Kilimanjaro watercolor paper in a 4×6″ pad. Colors used chrome green opera pink cerulean burnt sienna ultramarine. Think that’s it. And mud from my palette for splatters.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 2083 Devastated

That my beloved watercolor teacher Charles Reid the master of all American watercolor painters according to the man who knows them all Joe Miller of Cheap Joes died unexpectedly Saturday.

My dear friend Mike and I were hoping to take another class from him in Sarasota in the spring all figure painting but it’s not to be.

He will be greatly missed by his family dear Judy and Sarah and Peter, all his students and friends all over the world.

Early on he distinguished himself as a wonderful teacher.

Dearest Charles and Judy Reid in Boone at Cheap Joes.

He touched us all making us better artists and better people for knowing he and his darling Judy.

One of his fabulous flower paintings. I am so lucky to own one.

Rest In Peace Charles.

Margaret xoxoxo who will be forever grateful to the great man.

Day 1699 Headache😱

15×22″ on Fluid watercolor paper. Planned to paint this sketch I did yesterday but if a headache and decided to take it easy. Aka didn’t get back around to it but did enjoy Anne with an E on Netflix’s. Oh and Guernsey Potato Pie And Literature Society and Chocolat. Two great movies an old fav and a new fav.

Bytw discovered a great source for fluid paper on amazon. Got a six pack of full sheet 22×30″ 140# cold press for $26 or $28. I like the paper because it dries flat. Doesn’t form hollows while it’s wet like some 140 lb will and it’s easy to wipe the paint off if needed. Just dampen blot with a Kleenex and lift and repeat. No harm no foul.

And a blue jay newcomer on the back deck when I threw out black sunflower seed. He seemed to really enjoy it. Watercolor pencils in my stillman and birn.

I should have been watching some of the great YouTube videos by Proko. Everything you want to know about portraiture and figure drawing. Check them out!!

Margaret whose headache is gone. Xoxoxo

Day 1695 Summer Snow WIP?!!

Summer Snow – Fluid 140# cp paper 15×22″

Sorry for the late post. Been working on this when I wasn’t busy walking 🚶‍♀️ 🚶 🤗!! My feet are tired.

What I started off drawing.

I drew it with a 2 B Derwent sketching pencil. Very soft. Before I started painting I erased it to lighten the pencil marks.

Here we go. Decided the background was too light.

Kind of wish I had left it.

But I thought the background was too close in tone to the flowers. No idea why I thought that but I did. So I darkened it. Hmmm. Well those flowers really show now. And they look cut out. Not a good thing in a paintjng. Oopsey.

Lots left to paint on this half sheet.

Heading toward THE END! I was getting tired and probably should have stopped.

But I kept on. Now you might notice the flowers don’t look so cut out now. That’s because my friend Mike suggested I use a Mr Clean eraser on the flower edges to soften them. THANKS Ms. Mike!! That helped.

Now the question of the hour is more splatter or not on the flowers especially the ones on the right side. I think I will sleep on it. Have to work fast because those crepe myrtles don’t last long.

Charles Reid Holbein colors plus quin gold.

Margaret putting her feet up with the tv clicker in her hand. Xoxoxo

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Day 1102 Its Saturday

I was busy torturing Ilaina today. Hard to soften the edges on the inexpensive strathmore bristol but the colors blend and mingle deliciously

Might be done? May get more backgroundAt second break Ilaina and I decided to try green for the background since there was a lot of red in the painting. Complimentary colors play well together.

Really like this one though I think I will add a bit more of the green apatite on the left.

Second break

Colors used flesh- Quin pink & raw sienna added dioxzone purple burnt sienna for shadows combined w Quin pink & raw sienna for shadows. Hair- sepia & ultramarine blue. Green apatite and Quin gold background. Ilaina said green was for her heart chakra. She is definitely a sweetheart.

First break forty minutes

The rest of the group!! Some great painting and sketching today.

Al Beyer huge oil

Tom Needham 12×18 wc

Nice oil by Bill

Jeremy’s beautiful one.

Love Katy Padgett’s charcoal and Pastel

Don’t know his name. But a great job.

Dawn. Sweet face. I even like the writing. Dawn takes beautiful photographs of Ilaina which you can see on instagram.

Bills very nice small oil.

Our boy Fred. Who else would drive to life modeling in an open converitable in 41 degree weather. Gotta love Fred!

Amy’s oil I think.

Beautiful pencil sketch but never found out who the lady was that did it.

A couple of the college kids drawing on the cold concrete floor. Ah youth.

And that’s it. Off to sew some more.

Margaret on a chilly Saturday in SC!

Day 1130. An oops

Can you figure out where I messed up?! The tall guy on the right. No idea how I did that. Thinking of painting over him with watercolor ground and having a redo.

As it is it’s unusable and I really like the rest of it. We shall see. So aggravating.

Ttyl margaret on Melt down. Xoxoxo

Day 1128 Cheap Joes Hurricane Harvey Relief Program

100% of your donation thru Joes goes to Hurricane Harvey relief plus Joe will kick in a percentage of sales and you don’t have to buy a thing.

Joe dressed as Theo Van Gogh giving us his Van Gogh presentation A real treat if you get a chance to see it.

Boone NC

I was not aware of the fact that Joe Miller founder of Cheap Joes takes charity work so seriously til John Salimen shared with me that after every Hurricane like Katrina and Sandy Joe goes thru their customer database and sends gift certificates to any customer that lived in the disaster area.

Joe recently got a Humitarian award from the American Watercolor Society because of his charity work. He employees mentally handicapped people and then brags on them when you tour the warehouse. It makes them glow with pride. Just a lovely man.

Which is the reason I ALWAYS recommend Cheap Joe’s when people ask where to buy their art supplies.


Here’s how you do it!!!

Think I will get some of that fabriano hot press I have been wanting while I am at it.

And while you are there treat yourself to a Cheap Joes class. You will get treated like a Prince or Princess and have a lovely time.


Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1118 – that iconic view

Wish we had some views like this in Augusta. Sigh.

Every time I go to Trader Joe’s on Monroe I always stare at it for a few minutes.

It’s looking over the Grady High football field toward Piedmont Park.

Those tall buildings never fail to fascinate.

Lamy Safari Noodlers Eelskin Black Stillman and Birn Alpha. Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean

Hugs Margaret whose missing the moms who used to run Inner Bean. Xoxox

Day 1115 -It’s Saturday

Emily 90 minutes watercolor pastel and 6B lead on strathmore Bristol.

A little thin thru the shoulders and body. And HOW did I forget to paint her other leg. An easy fix.

The sketch. About 30 minutes.

First break with a wash of raw sienna and Quin rose.

Second break? 80 minutes. Used a huge 16 Legends Sable. And a Golden Fleece Cheap Joes 2″ flat.

Added sepia Quin sienna Quin gold aureolin cobalt violet and dioxazine violet

Added white pastel stick for highlights.

Al Beyer oil 3×4′

Katie’s pencil and pastel. Love the flesh tones.

Jeremy. Red conte crayon?

Coach. Always does nice charcoal sketches.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor 10×14

AC Daniels small not quite done. Second break.

Fred the dentist having fun.

Margaret xoxoxox who better paint that leg.

Day 1114 one more Starbucks.

These two guys were just chatting away in Chinese or Korean. Could have been Japanese for all I know. Their conversation was very animated. The guy on the right actually noticed I was drawing. He was really sweet and asked me if I had finished before he left.

Strathmore 400 sketchbook Lamy Safari Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus Daniel smiths piemonite.

Margaret who had a busy day xoxoxo