Day 322 – Good Books

shopping for Franklin and Froggy books at our Gucci Goodwill. Found a stack. Sat down to draw the customers in the Good Eats Cafe there. 

Some days you can’t draw at all. Viewing it as a warm up for Dr Sketchys tonite. Hope I do better then. 

These are the best of the trash that I drew. Could not get in the rhythm today. 

I brought in a sketchbook with only two pages left DUH! So I drew over some screwed up pages of Rhineharts Oyster Bar. 

Browsers and worker bees at Good Books. 

Rhineharts roof. Guess I could have drawn on the napkins!?  

Sorry about the quality of the photos. Weird shadows from the lights in Good Books. 

Maybe color would improve these?! Or a brush pen!?

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret XXX

5 thoughts on “Day 322 – Good Books

  1. Lorraine says:

    Your sketches are always interesting though. I get like that too sometimes, just can’t get in the mood for art. It’s not like doing the dishes or brushing your teeth, which you do regardless. If I’m not in the mood to draw or paint it is hard work.


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