Black dawg – day???

Here’s a black dawg story for you. Did you know if yer black dawg can walk under the kitchen table she’s considered a small lab?!! Bytw a black dawg is usually a lab or lab mix. Lovely sweet animals. Worlds softest velvety fur.     
These are two of my fav sketches ever of Honey and I have drawn a lot of them. I think it’s the lights and darks. 

 Anyway my black dog honey loves to look out the front windows of this house. I call them gun slits because they are only two feet wide and six feet tall. She couldn’t care less about the back windows which are all triple sliding glass doors. She has to keep up with what’s going on in the neighborhood. Can’t do that from the back. 


 Honey actually resting her chin on her command post window. 

Drawn with my noodler Creaper ahab Carbon platinum black ink superaquabee tablet. 
Thanks for reading. 
Margaret who thinks she is on the mend finally. Xxx

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