Day 569 Toyota Time

Sketching at the local Toyota dealership today while the Prius is tuned up. The guy said it would take an hour to an hour and a half. When I got out I told him to be sure to fumigate after he took my car back. The sinus rage on. My car was done in half An hour!! And I was actually enjoying sketching there. Lots of sketch fodder. Dare I go back and just sketch? 

Before I forget.  I discovered this website Tuesday and been reading it a lot. Interview with modern American painters. Discussions on color which should not be missed. an excellent seven pages on color and painting and abstraction. Very eye opening. 

Loved sketching this salesman as he did his sales dance. I think he could make a great strip. 

This guy walked off.  I thought I had been discovered but I found out why he left later. It’s funny how much you learn about other people when you sit and observe and draw them. 

This aGI was five feet from me at most. He never noticed me drawing him because he was so engrossed in his phone. And he crossed his legs. Decided I like that look better than the first legs down sketch so I changed them. 

Found the reader In spot of sunshine charging his device. There was a chair in front of him so I could not see his feet or second leg. 

I smudged his eye.  Needs a touch of white gel pen.

The GI stopped slouching so I drew him again. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx whose trying to pretend to be well but thinks it’s nap time. 

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