Day 671 – it’s Saturday

Emily. 24×30 acrylic  B

About a hour and a half painting.  The background still needs work but I like the figure. Was good to be back with the Saturday morning painters. More than a month between being out of town and sick. 


The background is a hardboard I had been smearing leftover palette paint on for a couple of months. Tough to draw a figure on because the colors kept on changing across the background. 

What was I thinking?! And of course it still needs some taming because it competes with the figure. 

Colors Nicole Azo gold, pyrrole red, titanium white, green gold, violet and ultramarine blue. That’s it. You don’t have to own every tube in the paint store. I seem to use the same 6-8 colors. 

Emily at second break. 80 min 
Emily at the first forty minute break. A lot of painting in that short period. 

The start. 

I thought using this wild background was going to be hopeless but I kept at it. 

I kept having to change the color of the line I was using to draw her. 

Not something you want to do when you haven’t done life modeling in a month and still feeling off.  

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx who’s trying to make believe she’s well but was told she looked a little green still. 

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