Day 1688 – Summertime

15×22 Fluid cold press 140# Nothing spells summer like crepe myrtles in bloom, delicious heirloom tomatoes and banana peppers.

I do have to say I like the fluid paper. Stays flat as a flitter no matter how much water you put on it and those blossoms were often more water than paint.

Earlier – sorry about the shadow!

The drawing. I used a Derwent 2 B pencil that I got at Binders Tuesday. Not too wild about them. Scratchy instead of smooth like most pencils.

The crepe myrtles were tough to do. I did them by splattering and more splattering sometimes wiping the splatter out with my brush or my finger.

Charles Reid colors.

So what did I learn. Remember to set a timer on my phone and leave it across the room so I get up every 20 min or so. The crepe myrtles are a smidge dark because I didn’t. Well there’s always the back of the paper right?!

Margaret ready to knit her second sock. Xoxox

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Day 1687 Livies MoNtH!!

My granddaughter Livie will be four this month. Here she is watching tv – the only time kids seem to hold still.

You might be wondering how I painted her sun streaked hair. Actually the same way I painted Kate’s yesterday. You have to think backwards.

Cad pale yellow first. Try to leave some white of the paper showing.

Let it dry. Then you add streaks of burnt sienna in Livies case or raw umber and burnt umber in Kate’s place.

Next up another painting of Kate. Started this one first yesterday but got annoyed I couldn’t get the feet in so started another paintjng. Now I think I will finish it. Drawn w a Derwent 2B sketch pencil in Fluid 140#.

Margaret still tired from her insane drive home thru endless monsoons yesterday. Xoxoxo