Day 1688 – Summertime

15×22 Fluid cold press 140# Nothing spells summer like crepe myrtles in bloom, delicious heirloom tomatoes and banana peppers.

I do have to say I like the fluid paper. Stays flat as a flitter no matter how much water you put on it and those blossoms were often more water than paint.

Earlier – sorry about the shadow!

The drawing. I used a Derwent 2 B pencil that I got at Binders Tuesday. Not too wild about them. Scratchy instead of smooth like most pencils.

The crepe myrtles were tough to do. I did them by splattering and more splattering sometimes wiping the splatter out with my brush or my finger.

Charles Reid colors.

So what did I learn. Remember to set a timer on my phone and leave it across the room so I get up every 20 min or so. The crepe myrtles are a smidge dark because I didn’t. Well there’s always the back of the paper right?!

Margaret ready to knit her second sock. Xoxox

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