Day 1707 Urban Sketching in Chattanooga!!

No pencil was involved in the drawing of this building. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

A charming bakery called the Bluff View Bakery down on the Tennessee River Bank in the Arts District.

I called it the Harry Potter house. It’s tall three stories with a peaky roof. I think Harry might live there with his wife and children. Don’t you?! It has a sweeping view of the Tennessee from the upper floors I am sure. Sorry I did turn around and take a picture of it for you. Watercolor sooner or later!!

Ruth Pearl, her friend Cheryl I followed our bout of urbansketching with lunch at Rembrandt’s and a visit to the Hunter Art Museum which was nearby.

Lamy Ef (thin lines) w noodler Eelskin ink and a sailor fude(heavy lines) also with Eelskin ink.

Margaret tired from her busy day. Xoxoxox

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13 thoughts on “Day 1707 Urban Sketching in Chattanooga!!

  1. jameswebbart says:

    What brand of pen did you use in doing this sketch. I found the “LePen” brand made by MARVY just perfect for watercolor overlays as the ink doesn’t run.

    Jim Webb

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  2. jameswebbart says:

    Thanks Margaret for your reply. There is a stand of bamboo just outside the entrance of our apartment complex in which I harvest and use in the making of dip pens. I can shape a pen from a piece of cut bamboo in less than five minutes. The little hook I use in the selling of my work is that give the buyer the actual pen I did the drawing with. Some people when framing the art have a little cutout in the matt where they display the pen. Happiness happens when one is doing a sketch of a building or other item where the hand and mind just connects subconsciously and the drawing just flows off the end of the point.

    I now go back as a NEWBE trying to learn how to use “WP”.

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Wow what a wonderful idea. Bamboo Dip pens are such fun to draw with. And yes that connection is wonderful. WP is not too difficult. Good luck with it.


  3. jameswebbart says:

    The discovery about “WP” has opened a whole new adventure for me given the digital revolution not unlike the industrial revolution that changed the world forever. As for me, I enthusiastically embrace this technology as it has opened many new doors and adventures. So far I’ve been doing fairly well in the learning of “WP” on the free download side where I will subscribe to the Premium level in September. What turned me onto “WP” was viewing Shari Blaukopf who uses “WP”. Beautiful watercolors along with a well written blog.

    Tomorrow I plan in going into the field to do some Urban Sketching. Everything I need is just within walking distance of home. As a senior citizen I can ride the trollies, El and buses for free. The train station is only a football field length to my apartment where I can take a light rail to downtown Philly in less than an hour for less than a dollar each way. Dick Blick Art store is a ten minute walk from Suburban Station where I now buy all my art supplies.


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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Watch out for the heat today. Philly is under a heat advisory. Somethings wrong when it’s Philly and not Augusta Ga where I live. High of 92 today. Sounds like a fun day in a fabulous city. I don’t know why I find the town near where I live boring to draw but I do. I can find a thousand fascinating things to draw in Atlanta but Augusta?! Not so much. I guess I need to just go draw it and find some inspiration somewhere?! Off for a morning walk before the heat gets going. Have a fabulous day. Can’t wait to see your results!


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Well sure. Or you could just buy the original. I still have it. I am in Boone NC and will have to dig it up. A print runs abt $50. The original $150. Plus shipping. I think it’s 8×10 but will have to measure.


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