Day 1711 Do You Think it’s a Woozle?!

A memory page from my trip to the High Museum of Art to see the original Shepherd sketches and ink drawings for the Pooh books. My brothers and I grew up reading the adventures of Christopher Robin and Pooh.

I decided to incorporate the leaves feathers and magnolia seed pods into journal pages for the Pooh sketch I did at the museum. The museum provided paper so and a child sized table to sit down and write or draw a letter to Pooh and friends they wanted and stick it in a mailbox. Oddly enough it was only adults filling out the letter on Friday.

I just love the endpaper from the books. I remember pouring over the map when I was a first or second grader finding each place the animals lived.

what a treasure that the Victoria and Albert Museumhas shared with us. Hop in your carsload up the kidsand head to the High It only lasts one more week thruLabor Day Weekend. to look at these jewels. Who doesn’t love a silky Pooh stuck in rabbits doorway. and what glorious sketches. Such expression in Shepherds line. So much character in his lines.

Margaret xoxoxox who now has a high membership. Wonder if I have time to go again since it’s free. Maybe tomorrow?! Xoxoxo

Do You think it’s a woozle?! #highmuseumofart for #Pooh exhibit #mixedmediaart #poohbear #winniethepooh #shepherd #aamilne #christopherrobin #piglet #watercolor #ink #lead #drawing #sketching #journal #stillmanandbirn #Atlanta #georgia

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