Day 1705 Gesture sketching.

On a piece of 15×22” Fluid cold press 140#

Love doing them. Always a lot of fun especially when they turn out well. These are each 4 min gesture sketches. I may go back and paint them when I have time.

15 min gesture sketch fluid 140 15×22”

Just like a tennis player artists need to limber and warm up before doing more formal work. They are a great warm up for drawing a more detailed artwork.

Off to a rocky start. Eeekk. And this is my second start. Sigh. What’s with that head.

Eventually I straightened her out I think. Well mostly. Definitely a big improvement from the rocky start.

I only used shadows- cerulean, burnt sienna and cobalt blue

skin – cad yellow pale and cad red light quin red on face.

Background is peacock blue and burnt sienna plus purple and ultramarine blue.

Margaret ready to put her feet up. Xoxoxox

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Day 1704 Dance the Night Away

Pleased to announce that Dancing the Night Away accepted in SC watermedia Society Show. And I think I got my SCWS Status too aka member of excellence since I have been accepted to three annual SCWS shows.

Livies four!!

Big birthday party day here so been a little busy. Ttyl Margaret in Decatur #southcarolina #cityart #acrylic #lechat #lechatnoir #dancing #burlesque #augusta #columbia #atlanta #scws #allaprima #impasto

Day 1703 Duck Duck NO Goose!!

I drew five or so geese sketches at the pond near Browns Feed and Seed a couple of weeks ago in my Stillman and Birn sketchbook. They did seem to lose as they stared at me to see what I was up too.

I finally painted a couple of them with my watercolor pencils. I only used a couple of blues Thalo and indigo an orange on this one. Don’t let those geese fool you into thinking they are dumb. They are always watching. Always on guard to see if you are a friend or going to eat them. I may not color this one. I sort of like all the texture in the ink sketch. But who knows there may come a time when I am bored and want to color in my favorite coloring book my sketchbook.

EF Lamy pen Noodler Eelskin ink

Margaret off to the Center for Puppetry Arts with the grandkids to see Aesops Fable. Should be a fabulous show. Xoxoxo

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Day 1702 Dahlia Redo!!

I added more darks to this painting. Painting flowers are a continuing thorn in my side. as Charles Reid says if you can paint flowers well you can paint anything. Always surprises me when people ask me what I like to paint or draw. I say anything because drawing a horse is like drawing a person like drawing a house and ultimately like drawing flowers.

After I converted it to black and white I decided the flowers and foliage were almost all the same tone which is another way of saying NO contrast.

Before I added darks and lifted colors

So I added some. A lot. I also lifted the orange flowers and some of the purple ones to make them less solid in color.

I also added a few darks to the zinnias to make them more zinniaish. Ha I turned a couple into orange daisies. Lol.

Anyway Happy Friday. Have to get busy packing for my Happy Birthday Livie drawing and dog sitting trip. Ttyl xoxoxo Margaret

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Day 1701 Summertime!

Summertime For Sale!! 15×22” cold press Fluid paper

Keep changing the name of this paintings. It’s been canning time, Summer Bouquet and now Summertime.

The sketch. Drawn with a 2 B staedler and then erased to lighten the lines.

The bouquet. Now mostly in the trash. Those zinnias go quickly. However the marigolds seem to last forever. Not enough darks in the flowers.

Progress. I should add more greenery as I go but I never seem too. At least I didn’t go to the dark side in the background. That’s the acrylic painter coming out on me.

Needs leaves and darks to separate flower petals and define some of them.

I lifted some of the color off he flowers in this one. And then added more darks to the flowers and leaves. Also cut some green into the sunflowers and to define some of the flower edges more. Added a few greys to the flowers.

Done for now till I decide to change it. Around here we say it’s not done til you sign it.

Charles Reid palette colors in any book he has written.

My favorite Watercolor flower book by Charles. Also the first book of his I ever bought. Now I have 12 or 13 of them. 😱🤗❤️❤️❤️

And an older book which is dirt cheap on amazon. How he started painting flowers and his thoughts on how to paint them from 1976!! I know before some of you were a twinkle in your fathers eye.

A critique of the painting from Kathe Dennis a friend of mine. I think she missed her calling.

“All of that. Sorry, message sent for some reason. The flowers are something special, magical. This seems to have a bit of that Van Gogh quality, beauty and starkness, soft and sharp at same time. Can’t describe. Maybe I like the background that lets the flowers just hit you in all their wonder. This has an emotional quality that is not sentimental to me. Not that the others were but this has a sparkling quality that hits you. Not muddied. This is yours. Congrats. Your personality.”

She’s so god with putting a painting into words. So is my friend Alexis. I am not.

Margaret with lots to do before I leave for Atlanta tomorrow. xoxoxox

Summertime 15×22” done ?? I never know. #sunflowers #flowers #bouquet #summertime #summer #fluid #augusta #georgia #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #lostedges #watercolor #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #travelblogger #sketching #lifemodel #charlesreid #artinthemountain @artonbroad

Day 1700 OH MY that MaNy??!! 😳 and My new Sailor Pen!

Consecutive posts. Who knew since I only meant to do fifty. Far surpassed that goal three years ago or is it four now?! Four I think.

Did a little urban sketching yesterday in downtown Augusta at the New Moon Cafe and at my hair stylist Silvia Drews.

Sil in her chair making phone calls. Drawn with my new Sailor Namiki Fude. Such a fun pen. It does thick and thin lines with little effort.

The sailor Fudes tip is bent to give those great line variations.

And only cost $10. A converter cartridge is $10 more and then you can use permanent ink. I bought it on amazon.

However the ink cartridges that come with it are NOT permanent so you really need the converter. In the long run a bottle of permanent ink like Noodler Eelskin or Lexington Grey and the converter is cheaper. Those throw away cartridges can add up on their way to their future home at the landfill.

Lunchtime The New Moon Cafe Augusta

I drew the people sitting around me first as I waited for my lunchbox. Then I drew the plants and the fence adding people as they walked to and fro.

My lunchtime salad which as I told My friend Terry Smith yesterday would look much better when I paint it. I can’t.

Salad remnants! Yummy chicken salad. Greens not so much.

The ink I used isn’t permanent. Eeekkk. The fork is colored by the ink running from water I added judiciously.

Sil has on black pants in a black chair. I had to blot off the ink to get a little texture.

Today’s flowers

Ttyl. Time to paint.

Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1699 Headache😱

15×22″ on Fluid watercolor paper. Planned to paint this sketch I did yesterday but if a headache and decided to take it easy. Aka didn’t get back around to it but did enjoy Anne with an E on Netflix’s. Oh and Guernsey Potato Pie And Literature Society and Chocolat. Two great movies an old fav and a new fav.

Bytw discovered a great source for fluid paper on amazon. Got a six pack of full sheet 22×30″ 140# cold press for $26 or $28. I like the paper because it dries flat. Doesn’t form hollows while it’s wet like some 140 lb will and it’s easy to wipe the paint off if needed. Just dampen blot with a Kleenex and lift and repeat. No harm no foul.

And a blue jay newcomer on the back deck when I threw out black sunflower seed. He seemed to really enjoy it. Watercolor pencils in my stillman and birn.

I should have been watching some of the great YouTube videos by Proko. Everything you want to know about portraiture and figure drawing. Check them out!!

Margaret whose headache is gone. Xoxoxo

Day 1698 Dahlia Time

kinda liking this one a lot. Got them from a lovely married couple at the Farmers Market yesterday- KY Flowers in Hickory NC.

My moms cup saucer and creamer. Grandmothers old silver plate spoon. She would die if she saw how tarnished u I let it get.

I had a lot of trouble with the peachy dahlias and the purple and orange zinnias. I finally got out my quin red and quin magenta which helped a lot. I might repaint them using alizarin. I thought the colors were getting muddy. The Quins and alizarin are transparent so wouldn’t do that.

Also dyeing these ick orange socks red in the microwave with tropical punch koolaid. Last time I did that the due in then lasted til the socks were in tatters. Directions to do that are here. Will post the red socks tomorrow.

Hugs!! Margaret putting her feet up. Xoxoxo

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Day 1697 No More Saturdays

Ilania undergoing a few renovations. I lifted some of the blue off her face and worked on her sausage leg some.

So why are we going to do on Saturday mornings now that we can’t go to lifemodeling in Aiken anymore. I decided I would post some of the drawings from the last year. Guess I would have stayed in town more if I had known our party on Saturday was going to end. .

Emily last week

All of us are at 6s and 7s because we miss our friends that we hang out with every week we are all home.


ilania EmilyEmily 2×3 acrylic

Ilania. She’s not really this round.

EmilyIlania ilania. Not a very good one but that happens sometimes when you do life modeling drawings. ilania Drew MurphyAndreaIlaniaMacyMacy

Moh flowers as my granddaughter would say.

The bouquet from a really neat guy from Hickory nc that drove all the way to Augusta to sell his gorgeous dahlias and zinnias on The Riverwalk Farmers market today.

Margaret tired from shopping for junk to paint today. TOOO RED!!

I have been looking for a chicken or a decoy to paint. Golf Chickens!!! 🤣

Maybe the white one on the right?!!

Somehow none of them suit. Xoxoxo

Day 1696 Done!!

Summer Snow 15×22″Cp Fluid 140#

In more ways than one. First day back at the Y so I am done in and the painting is done too. I think.

I splattered the white areas a little more. I am loving splattering now that I figured out how Charles did it.

Remember!!!! Tap the brush not the Ferrell.

Will let it simmer overnite and then decide. In the meantime I large bath tub with magnesium salts pour moi!!

Can you find the light spots in the picture?!! Bytw DONT use blue tape on your painting to mask areas to be lifted. It peeled paint and paper off when I lifted the white rim of the cup with the magic eraser.

My dollar general two inch tape has NEVER Done th

Charles Reid palette

Margaret looking forward to that bath. Xoxoxox

Summer Snow DONE!! #fluidcp #augusta #georgia #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #painter #aquarelle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #travel #charlesreid