Day 1702 Dahlia Redo!!

I added more darks to this painting. Painting flowers are a continuing thorn in my side. as Charles Reid says if you can paint flowers well you can paint anything. Always surprises me when people ask me what I like to paint or draw. I say anything because drawing a horse is like drawing a person like drawing a house and ultimately like drawing flowers.

After I converted it to black and white I decided the flowers and foliage were almost all the same tone which is another way of saying NO contrast.

Before I added darks and lifted colors

So I added some. A lot. I also lifted the orange flowers and some of the purple ones to make them less solid in color.

I also added a few darks to the zinnias to make them more zinniaish. Ha I turned a couple into orange daisies. Lol.

Anyway Happy Friday. Have to get busy packing for my Happy Birthday Livie drawing and dog sitting trip. Ttyl xoxoxo Margaret

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