Day 1715 Dr Sketchys

So much fun last night. Usually I use my trusty pentel brush pen but last night I decided to use my 2B Derwent sketching pencils.

Pepper was our model and so funny. Her trailer trash five minute poses where so complicated to draw. But her character was a hoot. She cane out onto the stage with a funny sarcastic remark every time. And then she would use it as her motivation to go into character.

I think this was my first sketch. And I actually won the first contest of the evening with my trailer trash inuendo Cegarettes?! So sumthangs Gonna kihl me. All said with a southern twangy accent in a snarl of course.

This was the second one. That rolling pin was hard to draw.

Stuffing her feelings with eggs. She really had five or so in her mouth. While we were drawing this pose Chris our Mc told us that Pepper had a costume fitting for the next season of Stranger Things series on Netflix but didn’t get a call back. Darn we could said we knew her when.

Our next story was about a bride. She did make a beautiful bride. Had to work hard not to make her to voluptuous. I have to say she was rock still as a model. Sorry for the rotten pic. Too lazy to go get my sketchbook out of the car.

Hugs. Putting my feet up now. Xoxoxo Margaret. Dr Sketchys at Chat Noir! More at #augusta #pentelpen #watercolor #ink #chatnoir #burlesque #inkdrawing #art #sketching #stephanie #lifodel #nude #burlesque #charlesreid #allaprima #dailydrawing #burlesquedancer

2 thoughts on “Day 1715 Dr Sketchys

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      It is a lot of fun. It’s not a studio class though it’s at a local theater. It’s Dr Sketchys Antiart school and they take place all over the world. Google them. May have one in your town.

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