Day 1714 Dr Sketchys Deux

The thing about Sketchys is you never know what the model will dream up doing. Pepper told us a brides sad tale. A flash back from the trailer trash reality?! I dunno.

The bride. Ten minutes. Still haven’t brought the book upstairs for a better pic. All those rollers in her hair during her trailer trash phase made her hair lovely and curly.

The bride gets some news. I actually painted the background color first and then drew over it. An experiment.

The bride weeps. It’s OvER!! He’s dumped her.

Stuffing her feelings. She had wads of chocolate cake in her mouth and left hand.

Contest change her to make her funny. I think that was the contest. I changed the cake to a Big Mac and painted her hair orange. Wonder who she is?!!

Recovery this one actually got colored. Must never have taken a photo of it.

Pepper and her new best friend the otter because “He’s Otterly ridiculous”. Pepper is nuts about otters.

And oops I forgot to take a picture of the last one. I painted a great umbrella. Hmmm oh well. Sorry. How many sketches was that in two and a half hours??!

11 or so. No wonder we are Tahred when we leave.

Hugs. Back to the British baking show. Xoxoxox Margaret

Pepper as The almost bride Dr Sketchys at Chat Noir! More at #augusta #pentelpen #watercolor #ink #chatnoir #burlesque #inkdrawing #art #sketching #stephanie #lifodel #nude #burlesque #charlesreid #allaprima #dailydrawing #burlesquedancer

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