Class with Keiko

Venice Nocturne Arches rough paper

Online class with Keiko Tanabe since Vlad isn’t doing his paintalongs lately.

The sketch

Painting the background. First laid down a layer of lemon yellow and quin gold. Then painted night colors over it. Thalo burnt umber alizarin dioxzine purple

Decided I did not like making darks with Thalo blue. They seem to go green instead of black.

And done. Seems a lame post but here it is. The class only lasted about an hour and a half. Was supposed to be at least two hours. I do wish she had told us to use our escoda perlas. I used my sables which are not as stiff and noticed right at the end she was using the perlas.

Basically I don’t think I learned a thing except I don’t need to pay to learn from Keiko. I think I could have done this on my own.

Doubt I will take another class from her. She’s sweet but Vlad is the far superior teacher. He Stays as long as it takes to get the job done and answer every question.

Margaret xoxoxo

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